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We are the builders of the future,
The Dreamers, The Designers,
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We Are Teibar.

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Our Story

What happens when a group of musicians, engineers, designers and consumer electronics experts come together on one project? A completely new way of thinking about music, design and the spaces we inhabit during our lives.

Founded in London, United Kingdom, Teibar came about through the idea that a loudspeaker should work in the exact same way as the musical instrument that was originally recorded. With a strong understanding of musical instruments and performance-led craftsmanship, Teibar enlisted the help of engineers and loudspeaker designers to create the world's most naturally reproduced sound possible. With a deep understanding of the power of music, especially how it can shape our emotions and mood so easily, it became clear that there was a far wider application and design issue at stake. We realised that our Surface Sound Technology could allow the loudspeaker to take on a form and design like never before, hiding the mechanics of the device and paving the way for the advancement of Teibar aesthetic sound solutions as a concept.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the spaces that we inhabit throughout our daily lives have a deep impact on how we experience the world, communicate, socialise and ultimately how we feel. When combined with the power that music has to shape our emotions, the combination of architectural space with music consumption becomes an incredible tool that we believe will shape the future of society.

Buildings that work with us, that can adapt to our needs and personal requirements are becoming smarter and more capable as fast as the technology becomes available. We have the ability to create inspiring spaces that encourage incredible social yet personal experiences. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide the world with the sound of the future, the inspiration and the atmosphere by combining smart building technology, loudspeaker and ultimately aesthetic design.

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Know Our Merits

We're crazy about our work so it pushes us to get better every day.

Guy Traviss

Guy Traviss Managing Director

Having worked at the forefront of the music industry with class-leading artists in the world's most iconic venues, Guy has specialised in music performance analysis and publishing.

Doug Roxburgh

Doug Roxburgh Tech & Innovation Specialist

With a background in professional audio systems, Doug has designed audio systems for leading brands such as Versace, Boss, Dior etc. as well as residential systems for high-end clients including celebrities and royalty alike.

Gavin Liang

Gavin Lang Head of Teibar CN

Gavin Liang has worked for more than 16 years in loudspeaker marketing and sales for World renowned Chinese, European and American audio brands. Gavin was one of the earliest market adopters and promoters of invisible plaster-over loudspeaker technology within China.

Addie Hao

Addie Hao Localisation Manager

Graduating from the World's leading architectural design faculty (Barclay School of Architecture, London), Addie has worked on design campaigns for iconic brands such as Gucci, Rolex and Balenciaga.

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What we Do

Based in London, with international offices around the world, Teibar focuses on creating a network of partners who share the same philosophy and vision as us.

Born from the heart of the British audio industry, Teibar uses the latest cutting edge research and development techniques to design class-leading aesthetic sound solutions.

From concept to simulation, prototyping, listening tests, installation, performance testing and manufacture processes, precise engineering is at the core of the product and the brand. Every detail has been carefully approached so that nothing but the best sound experience is delivered to the customer.

Our partners provide first class experiences for customers looking to experience their media like never before. With experience centres, shops and distribution sites, our network of partners can offer unprecedented sales and support for our growing customer base. With stock and technicians available locally, you can find a Teibar system near you.

We are always looking for new partners to work with to grow the network and to grow their customers projects.
If you would like to become a Teibar partner, get in contact today to learn more.

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