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Custom Solutions

At Teibar, we understand that no two projects are the same. Every room, system and customer are different, with performance and design requirements that need to be considered carefully.

Distributed Audio

Teibar Audio Architects can help you to create a system that will give incredible acoustic performance, with even sound across the entire listening space like you have never heard before.

System Design

Whether you are designing a retail space, hotel, restaurant, auditorium or business complex, Teibar can provide either high or low impedance solutions to deliver breathtaking results.


With music giving the ability to create an engaging atmosphere, create an experience that encourages a specific consumer behaviour. Experience a sound that is he same across the entire shop floor, with no hot or cold spots, for a consistent consumer experience.


Whether used in communal spaces or private rooms, create a luxurious atmosphere with an incredible sound solution from Teibar. A perfect solution for the lobby, restaurant, bar, pool and leisure facilities with distributed audio systems, or a TV and music system for the patron's rooms.


Deliver an audio system that meets the demanding requirements of a corporate environment. From video conferencing and media playback to large open plan offices. Use Teibar to give low-feedback, high intelligibility for improved communication and information.


Cafes, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities can now benefit from omni-sound coverage like never before. Large open spaces no longer suffer hot and cold spots. Create an atmosphere of entertainment and relaxation, no matter if you are looking for low-level background music or a high-bass party party atmosphere.

Large Spaces

Open-plan spaces require large areas to have sound coverage that is consistent for all listeners. Art galleries, cafes, restaurants, retail spaces and lobbies all require a sound system that delivers consistent sound throughout. Teibar Surface Sound loudspeakers fill spaces with music and media with a consistency that cannot be achieved with conventional loudspeakers.

Omni-Sound Design

Teibar Omni-Sound allows for incredibly smooth sound reproduction across an entire listening space. Delivering a system with widespread clarity and detail, with fewer hot or cold spots, Teibar commercial systems provide a blanket of sound that allows for 100% coverage from 0% visibility.

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Electronic Perfection

Teibar Audio Architects can deliver a full system including high impedance amplifiers and audio sources, or can provide a custom solution comprising of just loudspeakers, allowing you to design the most flexible and bespoke system possible. Total audio control, full design flexibility.

Project Design

No matter the project size, or what ever design stage you are at, we can help deliver a system that meets your performance goals, on a timescale to match. Our global teams have worked on projects of all sizes and types, with experience and knowledge of complex commercial systems.

Interior Design

Allow the interior design to shine through the project. With a sound system that integrates effortlessly into the fabric of the property, designers have full control over the aesthetic look and feel of the space. This freedom has never before been an option to acoustic architects.

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