Premium Invisible Speaker


Introducing blackstar

Premium Invisible Loudspeaker

The highest performing invisible loudspeaker. Deliver the world's most naturally detailed sound, ever. Create a constellation of sound that fills your world with incredible music.

Using the latest Surface Sound and dual drive technology, Blackstar transforms any listening space into an immersive sound system. Replacing a small section of your ceiling, it becomes seamlessly hidden.

Enjoy movies, music and entertainment like never before. A truly natural sound, your way.

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Features and detail

Sound Performance


Reveal the natural nuances and subtly of your music with Blackstar's Surface Sound Technology, the most naturally reproduced sound ever.


Lightweight and strong, Blackstar uses high-impact polymers and a composite aerospace panel to mimic the performance of a musical instrument.


Surround yourself with the music and media that you love with a naturally immersive loudspeaker that fills your space with highly detailed sound.


With increased powerhandling, Blackstar can play loudly with detail, articulation, dynamics and precision for an impactful listening experience.


With dual drive performance, Blackstar creates a full and engaging sound that is powerful and dynamic as well as detailed and clear.


Engineered from construction grade materials, Blackstar is built to last. Designed to be installed into your ceiling, and to last for years to come.

How it works

Seamless Integration

  • Sound
  • Installation
  • Protection
  • Amplification
Sound by Design

Where To Use

Perfect for discerning listener, as part of a high- performance home entertainment system. Blackstar is installed into your ceiling to create a constellation of sound throughout your listening space.

Spreading sound in all directions using Teibar Omni- Spread Technology, Blackstar fills the space with even and consistent sound like no other.

Luxury sound that comes from speakers you cannot see.


Information and specification

Physical Electrical Sound Other
454mm long 75W Continuous 87dB SPL 2.83Vrms/1m Fast installation
204mm wide 150W Peak 105dB Max. SPL at 1m Plaster-over design
35mm deep 4 Ohms 120Hz-25KHz High impact polymer shell
1.5Kg Sprung speaker terminals Full 360° coverage Composite aerospace panel

*Specifications provided E&OE

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