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Inspired By Nature

The Great Craftsman

Creating Teibar


Fluid Sound

Ever changing, the sound that fills our world is free from physical boundaries and limits.


The Sky Above

The exquisite coverage that the sky above us creates, gives us atmosphere and emotion in its Beauty and vastness.


A Veil Surrounds Us

We are immersed in the world around us, sound fills the air like a veil of cloud.


Beauty in Simplicity

Experience the depth and clarity of reality. The ultimate definition that defies our expectations. truth in detail.


A Natural Strength

The unstoppable forces that shape our world give power and depth that can move our emotions.


Surface of Reality

A complexity in natural movement, as every surface ripples with vibrations of microscopic amplitude.


Perfection in Music

Crafted to deliver emotion, entertainment and change us on a deeply psychological level.


Symphony of Craft

The craftsman makes an instrument, a Musician forms the notes, the notes create harmony, harmony changes our world.


The Space of Sound

The way we experience and listen to music and the spaces we fill with sound change the way we experience the art.


Ubiquity of Art

A music library in the palm of our hands gives a freedom of sound that is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of life.


Timeless Collections

You are the master of your own tastes and preferences. An eclectic curation of music that you know and cherish.


Your Own Way

The music that is yours, no matter what genre you love. Experience the truth and reality of the art in the way it was meant to be heard.


A Vision of the Future

A love for music, nature, sound and architecture. A truly diverse set of influences that lead to a purity of creation and design for our future.


Beauty in Simplicity

Taking form and function from nature and musical instruments. a design that gives you more from from the ultimate aesthetic simplicity.


Perfected with Time

Using timeless techniques and modern prototyping, we perfect performance through iterative changes to reach perfection.


Where Sound Collides

Designed to be used in the spaces we live in, the sonic profile of Teibar speakers has been created to work in harmony with the architectural acoustic.


Expand the Potential

Giving ultimate design and integration freedom. A sound that seamlessly fills your life with the Music you love.


Built for Life

Designed and engineered in the U.K., all Teibar products are crafted to give the listener an experience that will strive in their space, effortlessly.